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    Global Terrorism: One Man’s Terrorist is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter

    Who determines what is right or wrong? Are today’s terrorists acting out of hate and indifference toward other beings, or are they little more than bold countrymen, fighting for something from a different perspective? If we can understand the...

  • RolandGarrosCentral

    French Open 2015: Can Anyone Dethrone King of Clay Rafael Nadal?

    As far as sporting records go, there aren’t many that can trump Rafael Nadal’s imperious form at the French Open. So, with the world’s most prestigious clay court tournament just around the corner, Billionaires NewsWire asks: can anyone take away Nadal’s crown?...

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    Balenciaga: French Fashion Icon

    It is never surprising to come across the words ‘French’ and ‘fashion icon’ in the same sentence. Paris is widely considered as the fashion capital of the world. There are countless French fashion design houses who have made their...

  • Image: Farrukh

    The World’s Biggest Jewellery Heists

    As British police announce the arrest of seven suspects linked to London’s Hatton Garden robbery, at Billionaires we’re exploring history’s biggest jewellery heists. From a robber in fishnets to a lone gunman with a briefcase, these criminals are at...

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    Privatize Your Vacation

    If you’re a fan of the beach, water sports, and just relaxing in the sun then these vacation spots are just what you need. With so many overcrowded and overdeveloped areas in the Caribbean, Calivigny Island off the coast...

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    Travel Back In Time On Your Next Vacation

    There have been many notable decades and centuries since the dawn of civilization, but the 1920s hold a special place in the heart of many for things like style and design. The era was romanticized in movies featuring many...

  • It’s Finally Time to Update Spring Wardrobes

    It’s been a long winter, but the end is finally in sight. It is time to ditch the bulky sweaters and fur-lined boots and put on our spring colors and peep toe heels. So what’s in store for the...

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    Supercars Aren’t For Everyone

    Supercars are great. Their technology is unmatched, their designs are flawless, and the thrill you felt the first time you ripped around a private track is one that likely changed the way you felt about cars. On the other...

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  • Surprising New Study Reveals History's Heroes and Villains

    Billionaires Buzz

    Surprising New Study Reveals History’s Heroes and Villains

    A new study has revealed who the world’s most loved and hated figures are from throughout history, and the results might just surprise you. Scientists at the UPV/EHU-University, or simply the University of the Basque Country in Spain, asked...

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    Billionaires Buzz

    Time for an Upgrade: New Watch Trends for Summer

    As summer approaches, now many be the time to exchange heavy watchbands for something more light and trendy. Van Cleef & Arpels recently reintroduced a design that, according to legend, was first suggested by a Duke or Duchess of...

  • IS Enters Ruins of Syria's Palmyra

    News Headline

    IS Enters Ruins of Syria's Palmyra

    Islamic State militants in Syria have entered the ancient ruins of Palmyra after seizing control of the central city, but there are no reports so far of any destruction of antiquities, the Syrian Observatory has said. Syria pulled pro-government...

  • Game of Thrones Fans Blast HBO Show After Rape Scene

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    Game of Thrones Fans Blast HBO Show After Rape Scene

    Game of Thrones has never failed to shock viewers – in fact, it does it regularly and often. However, fans are saying that the TV show's latest dark twist was a step too far. The latest episode of the...

  • Obama Joins Twitter and Gets Nearly 2 Million Followers in a Day

    Billionaires Buzz

    Obama Joins Twitter and Gets Nearly 2 Million Followers in a Day

    US President Barack Obama has finally been allowed to have his own Twitter account and unsurprisingly users have flocked to become his latest follower in their thousands. There was an existing account that Obama had been using – @BarackObama...

  • Malaysia and Indonesia to let in Migrants Stranded at Sea

    News Headline

    Malaysia and Indonesia to let in Migrants Stranded at Sea

    Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand have agreed to provide humanitarian aid to stranded migrants, many of whom are still stranded at sea. The announcement is the first sign that Southeast Asian governments are starting to cooperate to help the “boat...

  • North Korea Missile Photos 'Photoshopped'

    News Headline

    North Korea Missile Photos ‘Photoshopped’

    Photos of Kim Jong-un watching the underwater launch of a North Korean missile were manipulated by state propagandists, experts have claimed. Analysts and a senior US Navy admiral said that the photos were “strongly modified” and that the isolated...

  • China's Second Richest Billionaire Loses Half of Personal Fortune

    Business News

    China's Second Richest Billionaire Loses Half of Personal Fortune

    The personal fortune of China’s second-richest man was halved in the space of minutes this morning. Li Hejun, lost almost $14 billion by 11am as shares in his flagship Hanergy Thin Film plummeted by 47 per cent in Hong...

  • Iraq Government Calls for Volunteers for IS fight

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    Iraq Government Calls for Volunteers for IS fight

    The Iraqi government has issued a desperate call for volunteers to help retake the city of Ramadi from Islamic State. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called for a voluntary recruitment drive to recapture the key city, which fell to IS...

  • Zimbabwe Cricket Team Arrive in Pakistan on Historic Tour

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    Zimbabwe Cricket Team Arrive in Pakistan on Historic Tour

    Zimbabwe’s cricket team are the first international cricketers to set foot in Pakistan since Sri Lankan players were attacked in Lahore in 2009. The team’s arrival was greeted with intense excitement as the country prepares to host Test cricket...