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  • Image Source:Kotsovolos Panagiotis /

    UAE Is The Most Polluted Country In The World

    According to the “Little Green Data Book,” which is an annual report compiled by World Bank, United Arab Emirates has emerged as the most polluted country in the world....

  • Security Service men carry an injured person

    Sleeper Cell Terrorists Groups Now On European Soil

    They have many names ISIS , ISIL , Jama Islamia ,  Taleban , Muslim Brotherhood , The Armed Islamic Group and many more . They now have brought a...

  • shutterstock_134664275

    Majority Of States In U.S.A. Refuse To Let Syrian Refugees In Their State

    After what happened in Paris on 13th November, which turned out to be the worst nightmare for many Parisians, now even U.S.A has refused to welcome refugees in their...

  • shutterstock_149750534

    Dawood Ibrahim Beyond Pakistan

    Everyone seem to believe that Dawood Ibrahim is always in Pakistan ?? Why ? He has been seen else where  and on more than one occasion Dawood Ibrahim was spotted...

  • shutterstock_182565377

    Barack Obama You Are Fired

    An astute business man, articulate, aggressive, visionary and won’t hold back any punches with no apologies. Donald Trump is winning the candidate race for the Presidency . He is...

  • shutterstock_339023021

    Paris A Hotbed For Terrorists Now

    After the heart rending attacks on Paris by militants who killed nearly 140 innocent people on Friday 13th November officials have now identified the suspected mastermind behind all the...


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