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Billionaires Newswire

  • Aliko At His Office

    Rise Of Africa’s Bill

    Aliko Dangote, I am not sure if you have heard this name or not but this name means a lot for fellow Africans. Aliko is the richest person at the age of 58 in South Africa. Aliko was born...

  • Malaysian Airlines To Discon

    Malaysia Airlines is facing yet another problem and the solution to their problems this time is by axing its Brisbane and Kuala Lumpur’s direct flight. Malaysian Airline is trying to cut down the costs by routes which are proving...


  • Image of Shahrukh khan's Mannat
Image Source: Pinkvilla

    Bollywood Celebrities And Th

    Many of these celebrities are known for their good-looks, acting skills,fan following but most of them they are in the limelight because of the luxurious life they lead. Some or the other way they are always talked about. And...

  • Sneak Peek Into Kylie's Lounge Area
Image Source:peoplesmagazine

    17-Year-Old Kylie Jenner Mov

    Kylie Jenner,17, has moved into a $2.7 Million sparkling and swanky new home. While filming the reality show keeping up with Kardashians, Kylie had said she will move out of her family home as soon as she turns 18....

  • Lionel Richie Bags Top Posit

    Glastonbury festival is a musical treat for music lovers. It is a five-day music festival which takes places in England and people from all over the world come to be a part of it. Various pop, hip-hop, country singers...

  • Chris Martin's Guitar 
Image Source: article.wn

    Chris Martin’s Guitar Sold

    Remember the band Coldplay and the lead vocalist Chris Martin, well news is taking rounds that Chris’s first acoustic guitar, which was even used while recording the debut album of the band has been sold for $A38,250 at an...

  • Power Couple-Taylor Swift an

    It’s time for Jay Z and Beyonce to move over and vacant their first position spot for none other than Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris the newbies who are now the highest-paid celebrity couple in the USA.Though they haven’t...

  • Soul-Cycle

    Celebrity Workouts. Burning

    Nowadays everyone is getting more and more conscious about their health and figure. But Hollywood celebs have to put in extra effort to look their best for the public all of the time. Yes, they get paid huge sums...

World News

  • Sands Hotel in Macau
Image Source:sandsmacao

    World’s Largest Gambling H

    Macau which lies 65 kms to the west from Hong Kong earns more than 50% of its economic revenue from the world famous casinos.Macau has more than 35 casinos and the biggest of them all is The Venetian Macau....

  • shutterstock_190372415

    The Disappearing Great Wall

      Around 30% of China’s Ming-era Great Wall is said to be disappeared over time because of the adverse natural conditions and reckless tourist and locals activities – including stealing bricks to build their own houses. It is estimated...

  • panasonic_action_cam-508x381

    The Ultimate Adventurers Cam

    Whats an outdoor adventure these days without being able to capture real video footage to show your friends, family and your dedicated instagram followers? Anyone who loves the outdoors, particularly those into extreme adventure wants to show the world...

  • project_jewel_photo_2

    New Changi Airport Expansion

    Singapore’s Changi Airport shells out $1.4B for constructing a new terminal, Jewel Changi Airport right in front of Terminal 1 (T1). The new aviation complex, called ‘The Jewel’ will include a hotel, fountain, roof top swimming pool, retail shops,...

  • 6672156239_6405cac8bf_o

    Dreaming of Paris? Here is B

    Visiting Paris is a dream for most. Arguably the global hub for art, culture, fashion, gastronomy, wine and so much more, ‘The City of Light’ is home to some of the worlds most visited tourist sites. While it is...

  • Airbus A320 of Juneyao Airlines

    27-Year-Old becomes Billiona

    China now has a newly minted 27-year-old billionaire in its ranks, after his budget airline Juneyao Airlines tripled in value in less than three weeks. Wang Han now has a net worth of $US1.5 billion, with the ambitious 27-year-old...


  • Unknown-1

    Blackstone Group to Invest $

    Blackstone Group fixed a deal recently reportedly worth upwards of $400 Million, investing in the development of a shopping mall and garage in the Flushing neighborhood of New York City’s Queens borough. The ambitious Sky View Parc project is...

  • Rick Ross in Concert:  
Source: Randy Miramontez /

    Rapper Rick Ross Arrested At

      USA: Award winning rapper and Maybach Music head, Rick Ross, has been arrested by US Marshals Service fugitive task force and sheriffs department, from his mansion in Fayette Count, Atlanta. Ross, whose real name William Roberts, was arrested...

  • Goran Bogicevic :

    Japanese Fast Fashion Giant

            Leading retail fashion brand Uniqlo, once a small Japanese men clothing retailer in the 1940’s,  has grown into a global fashion and retail powerhouse. Spurred on in the 80’s when Japan saw rapid growth and economic success...

  • Leonard Zhukovsky : 1

    One to Watch: Ruby Rose On O

    Yes, we all love Netflix. Yes, we all like to binge out on a new series launches. And Orange Is The New Black is right at the top of our list, worthy of staying in on a cold wet...

  • download (1)

    Forever 21: A Fashionable Su

    The story of famous clothing brand- Forever 21, started way back in 1981 when, when husband and wife founders Don Won Chang and Jin Sook emigrated from South Korea to the United States. Its said that the luxury cars...

  • Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.46.07 am


          When we at Billionaires think about the word ‘gangster’, the first thing that comes to mind is an image of a 1940’s prohibition era man,  dressed in a Brooks Bother pin striped suit with a tommy...


  • lexus-builds-silver-surfer-style-magnetic-levitation-hoverboard-but-you-can-t-have-it_2

    Lexus Hoverboards And Flying

    Lexus, the luxury vehicle division of Japanese auto giant Toyota, has built a working model of a hoverboard and hope to use the technology and engineering from the lightweight hover-board in a real life flying passenger operated vehicles. The...

  • eagle

    Is it a Porsche? Chinas Coun

    Chinese manufacturers don’t seem to be afraid of copyright infringement laws. From pirated music and movies, counterfeit handbangs and belts and even in the case of entire cities built to look like other global cities, Chinese entrepreneurs don’t seem...

  • magicinfoto :

    Rowan Atkinson’s £7.5

    Rowan Atkinson, famous for his much beloved Mr. Bean tv & film character, has just made a whooping profit by selling his beloved car. It’s not just any car though, it’s an 18 year old McLaren F1, one of...



      As an 80’s kid growing up, I remember fluro colored everything was all the rage. Glow in the dark toys, watches, hyper colored T-Shirts. Even fluro sneakers. If you wanted to be the cool kid around the jungle...

  • 3021489150_92ef11803c_o-1

    Why Don’t You Have A Koeni

    When Christian von Koenigsegg was 22 years old he brought his childhood dreams to life by designing and constructing his dream supercar. He waved goodbye to the limits of conventional innovation and technology and developed the Koenigsegg CC. From...

  • Maybach Exelero: $8 Million


    This Week, Billionaires takes a look at some of the most rare, exclusive, and most expensive supercars on the market. There may be a personal vetting process with the manufacturers and you may need to drop quite a few...


  • Phil Walsh with wife and children
Image Source: foxsports

    AFL Coach Phil Walsh Stabbed

    Phil Walsh, Senior Coach of the Adelaide Football Club, was found dead at his adelaide home. Walsh, 55-year-old, coach was stabbed to death with serious injuries. The suspect was taken into custody by the police and the suspect is...

  • shutterstock_261884330

    Rugby World Cup Trophy Tour,

      The 2015 Rugby World Cup is the eighth Rugby World Cup, be held in England from 18 September to 31 October 2015. The rugby world championship will be hosted at the Twickenham Stadium in London, with England chosen...

  • shutterstock_155156747

    Tennis Action From Wimbledon

    World’s No 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams will take the spotlight with Wimbledon’s kickstart. Tennis Champion of 2014 Djokovic will be opening the championship of 2015 against Germany’s Philipp Kohlschreiber.         Women’s top...

  • Debby Wong :

    Jordan Spieth The Next Golfi

    At the ripe age of 22 years young, professional golfer, Jordan Spieth has become the youngest U.S. Open champion since Bobby Jones in 1923. And his rise to the top of the pro golfing circuit has been meteoric. Jordans...

  • The Highest paid Australian

    The IPL, The Indian Premier League, has the captured the attentions of cricket fans worldwide, many of who migrate to play a season or two on the subcontinent.  A cricket league in its own right since being established in...

  • Image source Marie Claire Uk

    Harper Beckham’s whoop

    Well we all know that star kids are born with a silver spoon. But for ace footballer David Beckham’s 3-year-old daughter Harper silver spoon would be an understatement. Daughter’s are apple of every father’s eye and David seems to...


  • Dollar 6.jpg

    After Greece And China, Cana

    Canada,world’s fifth-biggest oil producer, has been hit hard by uncertain and unsteady global oil price. It is said that Canada’s economy shrank about 0.6 percent in its first quarter. Emanuella Enenajor of Bank of America Merrill Lynch says the...

  • economia-empresario-eike-batista-20071018-08-size-620

    Rise and Fall of Billionaire

    After being used to luxurious life, driving around in the best cars, spending money on shopping and even having a personal butler at your service some of the following people have lost all the above as they went broke...


    Legendary Money Man, Jimmy L

    JP Morgan’s vice chairman Jimmy “James” Lee passed away unexpectedly after experiencing shortness of breath while exercising. Lee was 62 years old and has left behind his wife Elizabeth and three children. Though it’s still not clear about how...

  • 367752044_a365a2920e

    Short Skirts banned by Headm

    The head mistress of exclusive all girl’s school, St Margaret’s School, has banned senior students from wearing short skirts and instructed them to wear “sober” and minimal makeup. The school claims that this newly updated uniform code is in...

  • IAG

    Buffett buys a whooping $500

    Insurance Australia Group has formed a strategic relationship with Warren Buffett’s investment giant Berkshire Hathaway that will see the US group take a 3.7 per cent stake in IAG via a $500 million placement. The deal will reduce IAG’s...

  • Washington, DC, July 27, 2006 -- Admiral Allen speaks with Minister Zhou
Yongkang, State Councilor; Minister of Public Safety and commissioner of
National Narcotics Control Commission; People's Republic of China, on
the roof of the Hay-Adams Hotel, Washington,D.C. while they waited for the arrival of Secretary Chertoff.  Barry Bahler/DHS

    China’s Ex Security Chief,

    Beijing: chines state media has reported that Zhou Yongkang,the highest-ranking Chinese Communist Party official, last week faced corruption charges and has been sentenced to life in prison. The country’s former security chief, received the sentence after being found guilty...


  • Father of SMS, Matti Makkone

    Matti Makkonen, a Finnish engineer, who helped to launch the worldwide sensation of texting, has died at the age of 63 after an illness. Makkonen was employed by big companies like Nokia, Tele Finland and even Finnet Oy. Makkonen...

  • url

    Military Plane Crash In Indo

    141 bodies were recovered by the Indonesian officials in the residential area of Medan after a military transport plane was crashed on Tuesday.The military officials announced that all the 122 people on board of the Hercules C-130 died after...

  • European Officials All Smile After The Law Was Passed On No Roaming Charges 
Image Source: libdemmeps

    Europe To Abolish Mobile Roa

    Europe in the race for abolishing data roaming charges within the European Union by June 2017. The ban will be preceded by a 14-month interim period, in which companies can still add surcharges – but at a reduced rate....

  • shutterstock_201284519

    Uber Tech Large Valuation, F

    The disruptive mobile technology meets ride-sharing, Uber, seems to be having troubles. Uber, founded by Travis Kalanick also known as Uber Technologies started in 2010 in the worlds tech hub, San Francisco. Though it took time for Uber penetrate...

  • shutterstock_192414884

    Katy Perry Named The Worlds

    Katheryn Elizabeth “Katy” Hudson better known by fans all over the world as Katy Perry, has earned the honour of being named the highest the highest paid musician. Katy’s 2015 earnings exceeded $US135 million ($A177 million) with the whopping...

  • Special forces of France
Image Source: timesofisreal

    Red Alert Declared In France

    The day began just like any other working day in a French town in south-eastern city of Lyon. People were commuting for work till a news broke in at 9 a.m. that an explosion was heard near the Air...


  • Google Launches New “Undo

    Some of us who are very hasty and send emails without checking them and then later realise we wrote something wrong, now you don’t have to regret about it. Because Google has announced a new feature on Gmail which...

  • w7jzwoomys08k2yyyc5z

    IKEAs New Wireless Smartphon

    We’re in an era where its impossible to contemplate living without our mobile phone. Most of us even carry our chargers, be it portable or the plug-in one to keep the communication portal ‘juiced’ at all times. We’ve been...

  • Google Wants Free Wifi For N

    Who in the world doesnt like free WiFi? Well there is good news for New Yorkers as free Wi-Fi services will be connected throughout the city. Using old phone booths placed in prime public locations by Google-funded project, residents...

  • Another Doomed Space X Missi

    Falcon 9, the unmanned SpaceX rocket, carrying supplies to the International Space Station, fell apart and exploded soon after its launch on Sunday . The space flight failure took place soon after the liftoff, leaving NASA and SPace X...

  • M2tXpm18

    Facebook Is Hiring Yahoo’s

    In a case of Silicon Valley musical chairs, Alex Stamos, the Chief security officer of Yahoo Inc, who worked with Yahoo for more than a year is now hired by Social media giant Facebook. Stamos ‘personal Facebook and Twitter...

  • Loreal

    Smartphone Apps For Enhanced

      Mobile technologies have changed how we interact with practically everything. From mobile shopping to instant messaging and even augmented reality, mobile apps have enhanced our lives and have made it that much easier to buy what you need...

More Headlines

  • maxresdefault

    E-Bike Trending In Two-Wheel

    Are you tired of refuelling your scooter or bike again and again? Well you don’t need to waste your time on that now, as Taiwan has launched an electronic scooter that is ready to hit various markets soon. The...

  • image

    Qantas To Pay $90 million Bo

      Qantas will pay out $90 million in bonuses to staff who have agreed to 18-month wage freeze. Nearly 7500 staff members from Qantas and budget airlines Jetstar will get a once-off bonus of 5 per cent of their...

  • Wealthiest Prince Of The Mid

    Prince Alwaleed one of the most influential and powerful billionaire of Saudi Arabia recently said that he will donate his entire wealth which is more than $32 billion (£20bn; €29bn) fortune to charity.   Prince Alwaleed, 60, is counted...

  • shutterstock_126349715

    Ben Affleck And Jennifer Gar

    Hollywood power couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, who marked their 10th anniversary on Monday have recently ended their marriage. The couple have been married since 2005 and have three children Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3.  ...

  • shutterstock_162352790

    Suffering Losses Sony Wants

    Sony, the Japanese multinational conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo, Japan is struggling as share prices of Sony have been plummeting. The electronic giant’s share prices have fallen more than 8% after it announced plans to raise billions of dollars in...

  • scopolamine

    World’s Scariest New Drug,

    With the street name like ‘Devil’s Breath’ its a wonder why this drug would be used by joy seekers and drug addicts, there seems to be a new drug penetrating the market making its way from way from the...

  • line ups at ATMS all over Greece. Source: Ververidis Vasilis /

    Greece Economic Crisis Knock

      Greece’s economic downfall is causing other countries to stammer as well, with U.S. stock market seeing its worst fall in two years on Monday, amid a global selloff after Greece closed its banks and imposed restrictions on cash...